It’s A Summer Shoes Party!

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I like how shoes have their own trends every single season. It’s just exciting to me to alter my wardrobe with the different trends every year. In this particular post I’m sharing my favorite summer shoes and I’m also giving you a few style options, in case you love them too! I hope you like this post, as I’ve worked on it all day yesterday haha. Soooo if you do, show it some love ūüôā

pompom-myjewelleryPOM POM SANDALS

The moment this trend started to become popular, I was first in line to shrug it off because I just thought it was absolutely¬†ridiculous. To me the pom pom trend¬†looked like a naughty four-year old took some colorful pom poms out of her crafting kit and just glued it on to some strappy sandals. But recently I had a change of heart, not a big one, but at least I don’t despise these shoes anymore. I personally don’t think I would purchase them any time soon, but I can now see why some would find them cute. They’re colorful, they seem¬†comfortable and are just the epitome of what I think the ultimate summer shoe¬†would look like! Perfect for a shopping day, a relaxed lunch date, a raving music festival and more..pom pom sandals summer shoes pom pom sandals summer shoes

1. Tan Faux Leather Sandals / EGO – 2. Silver Faux Leather Sandals / EGO – 3. Printed Toe Sandals / Boohoo
4. Multi Colored Sandals / My Jewellery Р5. Multi Colored Sandals / My Jewellery Р6. Multi Colored Sandals / My Jewellery

espadrilles summer shoes


Unlike the pom pom sandals, I did immediately like the espadrilles ever since they came back in the picture this season. I have came across so many different colors and designs on various online shops. ¬†At first, the fact that these shoes are made mostly out of straw concerned me for their comfort level. But after purchasing one of my own, I can say that they’re pretty comfortable. I haven’t walked around in them for too long just yet, but so far so good. Lately I’ve noticed, espadrilles are also very much on display on Instagram! Whether you want to travel in style, go into the city with your friends or just have the most casual day ever, espadrilles are a way to go!


espadrilles summer shoesespadrilles summer shoesSHOP THE SHOES:
1. Croissant Espadrilles / FAB – 2. Nautical Espadrilles / FAB – 3. Croissant Espadrilles / ModeMusthaves – 4. Red Lips Espadrilles / FAB
5. Palm Trees Espadrilles / My Jewellery – 6. Striped Espadrilles / My Jewellery – 7. Denim Espadrilles / My Jewellery – 8. Banana Leaf Espadrilles / Nelly

perspex heelsPerspex Heels

If you spent the majority of your day reading¬†through fashion blogs and going through fashion accounts on Instagram like I do, you’d see tons of these transparent heels going around…seriously! From strapped sandals all the way to over-the-knee boots, it’s a¬†serious summer trend¬†alert! I’ve seen numerous looks with perspex heels and one thing is clear, these shoes scream EDGY! I might have to get me a pair soon. But I wonder if wearing perspex heels for too long, would leave you with stinky, sweaty feet? Because I can imagine that being everything but comfortable. And there’s also the fact that your feet are completely bare in these, so I feel like a pedicure and cute nail polish are essential. But other than that, perspex shoes are the perfect choice for a romantic date night, a fun night out with your pals or just any occasion you feel like ‘slayin’ everybody with your bomb outfit!perspex heels summer shoes

1. Glitter Heel Perspex Heels / Public Desire – 2. High Ankle Glitter Heels / EGO – 3. Pink Calf Boots / EGO – 4. Ankle Orange Mesh Boots / EGO – 5. Black Peep Toe Heels / EGO

furry slidesFURRY SLIDERS

Blame Rihanna! Blame Rihanna for the fact that these furry slippers are even considered a trend. Because ever since she launched the Fur Slide collection with¬†Puma, people have been going crazy about fur slippers. Including myself. But I wasn’t one of those crazy enough to spend 80 euros on slippers, so I guess I have to settle for the next best thing: dupes. The same style, the same furry-ness, the same colors and more, but for a fraction of the price! I’m contemplating on getting a pink one, of course, but I doubt I’m going to actually walk out of the house with them on. Is that weird? I mean I think they’re cute and all, but other than maybe going to the grocery store, taking the trash out and getting my mail, I don’t see myself wearing them ‘out’. Maybe I should reconsider purchasing them haha!furry sliders summer shoes furry sliders summer shoes

1. White Sliders / Public Desire – 2. Pink Sliders / Public Desire – 3. Blue Sliders / Public Desire
4. Nude Sliders / EGO Р5. Grey Sliders / EGO Р6. Black Sliders / EGO

I’m sure there are plenty more summer shoes trending this year, but these four are the ones that I acknowledged the most. What are your thoughts on these trends? And do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments down below.

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Disclaimer ‚Äď photos from My Jewellery, My Jewellery, Nyan√© Lebajoa, Public Desire
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  1. Sam says: Reply

    I absolutely love these pom pom shoes! They are so cool ūüôā xx

    Sam // What I Know Now

  2. Amanda says: Reply

    Love those heels. Not sure just could don them enough to slay buy they are gorgeous.


  3. Sharon says: Reply

    I just love those pom pom Sandals, I keep seeing them everywhere and really much pick up a pair! Great post.
    Sharon x

  4. Margo says: Reply

    I love, love, LOVE the Perspex Heels. They can be really whore-like though, haha.

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