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  • How to Survive #SELFQUARANTINE Without Going Crazy

    I haven’t blogged for almost two years now and I’ve been wracking my brain for some time on how to get back into it. And seeing that we’re in the midst of a global pandemic, I thought writing about ways to “survive” Self-Quarantine at home would be the best thing! I’m an introvert at heart, […]

  • Fashion
  • Spring 2018 Fashion Favorites: Forever 21

    ss18 fashion favorites forever 21

    So I wish I could say that spring here in the Netherlands is in full swing, but honestly the weather isn’t really getting the memo just yet. It’s been cold, windy, grey and just nothing that even remotely resembles spring. But in the world of fashion, high street trends must live on. Numerous shops are […]

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  • An All Black with Matching Snake Print Look

    all black snake details outfit

    Ever since I became a blogger many years ago, it’s always been challenging for me to consistently shoot outfits. But year after year, it’s continuously been on my blog resolutions list. So I got really excited when I received a super nice email from Photo by Tamara asking if I was interested in shooting together. I was all […]

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  • 25x Valentine’s Day Fashion Accessories

    valentine's day fashion accessories

    February has officially kicked in and that means Valentine’s day is upon us! Whether you’re feeling this holiday or not, you can’t deny that love is in the air… and in the shops! Love slogans, heart prints, touches of red and pink – Valentine’s day fashion accessories are everywhere. And they’re perfect for giving your outfit […]

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  • Stripes, Stripes, Stripes

    stripes trend ss18

    As the new spring collection slowly floods into our favorite online stores, one trend in particular that’s caught my eye was the stripes trend. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, side stripes.. they’re here in all sorts. Endless options. And I can’t wait to see more of this trend in the new seasons. I know some people might […]

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  • My 2018 Resolutions: What I Want To Accomplish!

    2018 resolutions

    Wow I haven’t blogged for so long, I honestly don’t even know where to start. It seems like just yesterday everyone celebrated the new year with glasses of champagne, sparkle sticks and xoxo’s. But in reality, the first month of the new year is in full swing and I know I had to get back at posting […]

  • Fashion
  • All About Colorful Faux Fur For A/W2017

    colorful faux fur fashion

    Faux fur is always major trendy this time of year. But have you noticed? This time it’s no longer all about the traditional dark faux fur colors. Lately I’ve been seeing an overflow of bright warm & fuzzy outerwear and I love it! They’re a total fashion statement, keep you extremely warm and just might […]

  • Fashion
  • Press Event: The Exclusive Launch Of Bootiez.nl!


    Clearly, boot(ies) season is here! And we’re all just dying to get our hands on the newest trends and models out there. But what if I tell you there was a way to spice up your old trusty boots to give it a complete new look? Let me introduce you to the coolest new fashion accessory of […]

  • Travel
  • The Sallés Hotel Pere IV in Barcelona

    Salles Hotel Pere IV

    When looking for accommodation in different cities, I always try to base my decision on the distance from all the attractions, the stylish appearance and of course, the price per night! But since Barcelona was a major part of my birthday celebration, I felt it was okay to splurge a little and look for fancier hotels. After having […]

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  • What I Wore In Barcelona

    what i wore in barcelona

    After my Barcelona travel diary, I knew I couldn’t leave out a post about my Barcelona looks. Before leaving for the trip, I had such a hard time deciding what outfits to bring. Mostly because the weather was constantly set on rain and grey clouds. But luckily once we got there, it was mainly sunny. […]