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  • Orange Is The New Black!

    orange fashion

    Orange has definitely been one of the hottest color trends this summer! All I can think about when I see this color is the fire emoji! But let’s be clear, orange has never been one of my favorite colors. But seeing it so much in the stores the past season, I must say it kinda […]

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  • My Yellow Metisu Playsuit

    metisu yellow jumpsuit designer fashion

    In the summer time, playsuits are always my go-to outfit. They’re easy to throw on, keep you comfy and above all, look cute and put-together without too much effort. My closet probably consists mostly of playsuits and just recently I got to add one more to the collection. Thanks to Metisu! Metisu is an online […]

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  • It’s A Summer Shoes Party!

    shoes quote

    I like how shoes have their own trends every single season. It’s just exciting to me to alter my wardrobe with the different trends every year. In this particular post I’m sharing my favorite summer shoes and I’m also giving you a few style options, in case you love them too! I hope you like […]

  • Fashion
  • Showing Off The Shoulder

    off the shoulder trend

    One trend I have been absolutely dying for this season is the ‘off the shoulder’ look. Tops, dresses, playsuits, I love them all! It shows just enough skin and the frills often make it super playful and feminine. I’m pretty sure this trend has come around a few times before already and I doubt it’s going away […]

  • Lifestyle
  • Best Ways To Have A Fun Summer

    All throughout winter and spring, all anybody can talk about is how they yearn for the summer. And even though the Dutch weather isn’t exactly cooperating, the summer has officially started today! For some, this sunny season is the epitome of taking a break, letting loose and having a good time without any expectations. I myself […]