A Night in Fletcher Hotel Nieuwegein-Utrecht

fletcher hotel nieuwegein-utrecht

I don’t know what it is, but I just love staying in hotels for some reason. I think it’s the sense of a little luxury I don’t get to enjoy on the daily. A few months back, Kruidvat and Fletcher Hotels partnered up and offered hotel stays for just twelve euros per night! I jumped on that deal so quick and decided to book a room at the Fletcher Hotel Nieuwegein-Utrecht for last night. I’ve been busy with a million different things for the past couple of months, so much so that I was just in desperate need of a little bit of me time.


The hotel is about an half hour away from Utrecht central station and is just a one-minute walk from the nearest bus stop. There’s also a shopping center about ten minutes away, but I didn’t feel the need to leave the comfy bed and go outside in yesterday’s rainy weather. Overall not a super interesting nor touristic area in my opinion, but it is pretty convenient transport-wise.


This Fletcher Hotel has about 81 rooms, all with a very modern interior and a pop of color. Since I really wanted a room with a bath tub for some necessary unwinding, I decided to upgrade to a luxury room! Unfortunately breakfast was not included, so I opted to not add it just to keep the costs to a minimum. My room was located on the fourth floor which is the highest floor, so sadly the view from the window wasn’t too extraordinary. I thought the room was very cozy and not too big nor too small. Perfect for my little getaway! The coolest part for me was being able to watch television from the bath tub!

fletcher hotel-restaurant nieuwegein-utrecht fletcher hotel-restaurant nieuwegein-utrecht fletcher hotel-restaurant nieuwegein-utrechtfletcher hotel nieuwegein-utrechtfletcher hotel-restaurant nieuwegein-utrecht


The lobby is pretty spacious and gives off a very hip and modern ambiance. Right next to the front desk, you can find various seating areas, the bar and restaurant. The hotel also has a small fitness room and a very pretty indoor swimming pool with a waterfall backdrop, ideal for (Instagram) pictures! When I went down to the pool, there was literally no one there which was nice. There wasn’t much else to do in the hotel, so majority of the time I just spent up on my room. Not that I had a problem with that 😉

fletcher hotel-restaurant nieuwegein-utrecht fletcher hotel-restaurant nieuwegein-utrechtfletcher hotel-restaurant nieuwegein-utrechtfletcher hotel-restaurant nieuwegein-utrecht


In general, the hotel was more moderate than outstanding but last night was just what I needed. So I would surely recommend it, if you ever need a little getaway of your own. To book this Fletcher hotel or to find more information, be sure to check out their official website.

♡ Tiffany

Disclaimer – photos are all my own. 

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  1. ahh this looks very nice! I have been needing some downtime and this is feeding into my need to get away. It seems to be perfect place for some unwinding and relaxing. I want to try and book a room there!

    This post is very nicely written, I will let you know how I experienced the hotel!

    1. TiffanyCFOD says: Reply

      Thank you hon, I’m glad you liked my review. Please do let me know how your experience was, as I would love to hear about it!

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