Best Ways To Have A Fun Summer

All throughout winter and spring, all anybody can talk about is how they yearn for the summer. And even though the Dutch weather isn’t exactly cooperating, the summer has officially started today! For some, this sunny season is the epitome of taking a break, letting loose and having a good time without any expectations. I myself am currently planning my own little weekend trip abroad about which you’ll definitely read about soon. But even without crossing any borders, I know there are tons of ways to still have the best summer yet! All you need are some cool people to kick it with and a little bit of creativity. Check out these fun summer ideas, that will cost you little to no money! Thank me later.

fun summer beach sunset

  • Have a Chill Beach Day
    Grab your friends (or a date), bring some comfy blankets and pillows, prepare a picnic basket and watch as the sun sets in the horizon of the ocean.
  • Visit a Public Park and Have a Grill & Chill Sesh
    Have an intimate cookout with a variety of delicious meat, tasty homemade lemonade and some jammin’ music. Do make sure that the park allows bbqing first to avoid getting a fine.
    coachella fun summer festival model goals
  • Attend Summer festivals
    During the summer there is a serious overload of (free) festivals, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find a few you’d love to attend. Take these for instance: Food Truck Festival, Netflix & Chill Festival, Nutella Festival and International Firework Festival.
  • Explore a New City
    Traveling to a new city doesn’t necessarily require a passport. Hop on the train (or in the car) and travel to a local city you normally wouldn’t go to. Wander around, get lost in narrow passages and discover your new favorite cafes. Be a tourist for a day!
  • Get Active
    Don’t worry, I don’t mean at the gym. Even though you totally can! But there are plenty of adventurous ways to get a little exercise in with a group of friends, like jumping trampolines, going biking, quading, rollerblading, segwaying, go-karting or playing a friendly round of lasergame. Endless possibilities, really!
  • Go on Excursions
    If you’re looking for a day of fun and having new experiences, consider these ideas: a boat tour in the canals of Amsterdam, a ride on a pancake boat, meeting your favorite stars in Madame Tussauds, drinking at an ice cocktail bar, a 360℃ view of Rotterdam in the tower of Euromast and an inside-look in the Escher Palace in the Hague. Buying tickets up front and/or online not only saves you a couple extra coins but also saves you time standing in line.
  • Stay in a local hotel
    Treat yourself to a short stay with friends or family in a local hotel (other than your home city). Don’t forget to browse around for cheaper prices on websites like Groupon and Hotelkamerveiling. Even if it’s just for a weekend, it’s always fun to “get away” for a little bit.

fun summer time funfair

  • Entertain your Inner Child
    Have a full day of laughter at a theme park or your city’s fair: go on the ferriswheel, merry-go-round, roller coasters; satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious churros and cotton candy; win yourself a cute teddy bear (and watch the magnificent firework show to end a fun night). Do it all!

fun summer wish lantern end of summer

  • End the Summer Right!
    After all these activities, it’s only right to end a fun summer with one last memorable night. One way I’d like to do so this year is to gather everyone on the beach, build a cozy campfire (if it’s allowed!), do some star gazing and light up some wish lanterns for good luck at the end! That’s one heck of a way to say goodbye to summer and hello to a fresh new season, don’t you think?

I hope my ideas for a fun summer were able to help you out in any way. In case you can think of a few more ideas, I would love to hear about them!

♡ Tiffany

Disclaimer – photos from Pexels, Life of Pix, Tumblr, Pixabay, Pixabay

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