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London Travel Diary 14 trevor square Knightsbridge

If you follow me on social media, you probably know that just yesterday I was in London with some friends! London has seriously been on my bucket list for the longest time and now I can finally cross this city off the list! After I got home today I took the longest nap in life, all very well deserved! But I really wanted to get my London Travel Diary up as soon as I woke back up to reminisce a little more. So feel free to keep reading if you want to know about what I’ve been up to in London!


Our bus dropped us off near the Westminster subway station around 7:30 in the morning. We planned to go on the London Eye as soon as we arrived, but sadly it was closed since it was still so early. We had to be back at the bus around 6:30 at night, so we decided it was the best thing to skip this larger than life attraction and move on. But not before the necessary selfies and snap chats! It was really nice seeing the sun rise behind one of the biggest Ferris wheels.

London Travel Diary london eye London Travel Diary london eye London Travel Diary big ben


Moments later we got on the subway towards Oxford Street. First we headed to the nearest Mc Donald’s for some breakfast and then wandered around the lovely shops. All of us were having such trouble getting used to the traffic in London, so crossing the streets was always an adventure. Luckily there were signs everywhere saying to “look right” or to “look left”. After strolling down to stores like Debenhams, Forever 21, Stradivarius and Selfridges, we took a red double decker bus (so fun!) and headed to Regent Street. This road definitely reminded me off Times Squares in New York. Tons of pedestrians, taxis, high-end stores, street performers and billboards. I was so in awe of everything! After asking for directions like ten times, we finally found the huge M&M store and Victoria’s Secret! And after all of our shopping, we decided to grab a well-deserved lunch at Mayfair Pizza Co. Ps. I still hate pizza, so I got pasta hehe.

London Travel Diary oxford circus street London Travel Diary oxford street London Travel Diary oxford street London Travel Diary oxford street London Travel Diary oxford street London Travel Diary regent street London Travel Diary regent street London Travel Diary regent street London Travel Diary regent streetLondon Travel Diary m&m store London Travel Diary Victoria's Secret


Roaming around in London really makes time go by super fast. After lunch, I really wanted to go see the white & pink house I’ve seen all over Instagram & Pinterest. It was in Knightsbridge near Harrods, so we stopped by in there first. It was so crowded and suffocating, so we quickly made our way to Ladurée for some macarons! Afterwards, it was time to visit the cute house in Trevor Square! Before the trip, I was seriously stalking Instagram to find the exact address for this house. So you can imagine my excitement when we got there! I’m pretty sure if I had to design a house, this would be it.

London Travel Diary 14 trevor square Knightsbridge London Travel Diary 14 trevor square Knightsbridge London Travel Diary Laduree Harrods

After my friends took a bunch of pictures of me in front of my future home, we decided to head back to Westminster. We had less than two hours left, so we made sure to stay around our pick-up area. My friends went to a supermarket for some on-the-bus snacks as I hunted down a few souvenirs shops. And then out of nowhere it started pouring, and I do mean pouring! Everything got wet: my shoes, my socks, my hair, my shopping bags.. everything! And to make matters worse, the bus had a delay of fifth-teen minutes!


London Travel Diary red telephone booth London Travel Diary red telephone booth

Before we started our bus trip to London last Friday, we knew it was going to be an exhausting one. But what we went through, honestly none of us could have ever predicted it. The trip to London from the Hague was somewhat reasonable. After the first 4-5 hours in the bus, we had to transfer to the ferry. After about 90 minutes of serious sea sickness, we hopped back on the bus for about 2 more hours. When we arrived in London, all of us barely slept but were excited to finally be here!

We were a little disappointed to hear we had to be back at the bus around 6:30 at night. It meant we couldn’t have a proper dinner before heading back like we planned. And because of the heavy rain, the bus was late to pick us back up. This led to the bus arriving a few minutes late to the ferry and made us wait THREE MORE HOURS for the next one! Everyone was seriously cranky and annoyed at this point and just wanted to be home. Finally at eight in the morning, the bus dropped some of us off in the Hague! The only silver lining to all of the delay was, that we were back just in time for the first tram!

So as you can imagine it was a very very exhausting trip overall. But my first time in London with my friends made it worth it! I do want to go back soon to experience the city a little better. But trust me, next time I’ll take a plane! Way easier and I’ll be able to stay in London longer! So this is definitely not the last London Travel Diary you’ll see on this blog.

Have you ever been to London? How was your experience? Do you have any links of your London Travel Diary? Let me know all of this in the comments.

*OOTD: Coat – H&M / Top – H&M / Dress – New Yorker / Boots – Primark / Bag – Primark

♡ Tiffany

Disclaimer – photos are all my own (made with iPhone 6).

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  1. The photos are amazing! I felt like I was there 🙂

  2. I live in London. And, even though your visit was short, I love the photos. Next time you visit, contact me and I’ll give you some pointers, because there’s more to London than what you find in guides. 🙂

    1. TiffanyCFOD says: Reply

      This comment made me so happy to be honest! I definitely want to explore more of the non-touristy places London has to offer the second time I visit! I’m going to keep you in mind once I plan to come back. Thank you 😀

  3. Sounds like so much fun! Can’t wait to visit!

  4. Suz says: Reply

    Gorgeous photos! I love the ones you snapped with the London Eye in the sunrise. It sounds like you had a jam packed day, I would have taken the world’s longest nap after getting home, too!

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