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In case you didn’t know this yet about me, I’ve been having a serious case of wanderlust lately. Luckily I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled as much as I did already being this young. While a great deal of people have never been overseas or even stepped on a plane, I’ve been to places like St. Lucia, Suriname, Puerto Rico, Aruba, St. Maarten, and cities like Paris, Miami, Orlando, Antwerp, Frankfurt and more. But there’s so much more I still need and want to see in this world. So I decided to make a list of my top 8 cities I want to visit (soon) and share them with all of you. So if you’re curious to see which stamps I’m dying to get my passport, check out my wanderlust list!


london england double decker
The very first city on top of my list is London. I have been so fascinated with this city for forever and I have yet to discover why that is. But I’m just so looking forward to gallivanting on Oxford Street for some great shopping, touring around the city on a big red double decker bus, seeing the Big Ben, taking pictures in a typical red phone booth, parading around Nottinghill to see the beautiful pastel houses and getting the most spectacular view of the city on the London Eye.


New York yellow cabs Manhattan

Another city that has been on my bucket list for years now is New York, New York! Not only because it’s the fashion capital of the world, but everything about this city just looks chaotically intriguing to me. It seems like there’s always a million things going on at the same time. Whenever I’ll get a chance to visit, I definitely don’t want to miss stopping by the Upper East Side (for some Gossip Girl nostalgia), the enormous Central Park, Manhattan and the wonderful Times Squares! I also can’t wait to see a sea full of yellow cabs. Because there’s nothing more New York than that!


santorini greece

Recently I’ve been so obsessed with going to Santorini! The pictures I see are always so vibrant, so blue and so inviting. The houses, the architecture, the stairs.. they’re all so pretty. The perfect location to take the most dreamiest pictures!


venice italy

Whenever I thought of traveling to Italy, I’d always think of going to Milan. But lately my mind is much more on the beautiful Venice. How I would love to visit the Grand Canal and travel by water through all the beautiful colorful rustic buildings. And not to forget, taking dreamy pictures during a lovely gondola ride along the water way!


urban light los angeles

The reasons for me wanting to go to Los Angeles are endless to be honest, but I’m going to try to keep it to a minimum. Here it goes: the Hollywood sign, the Hollywood Boulevard, Universal Studios, Disneyland, the Santa Monica pier, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and so on and so on.


portugal lisbon trams

Lisbon has just recently made it onto my list, but that makes it no less compelling. Through my obsessive use of Pinterest, I fell in love with this city’s pavements covered with mosaic, retro trams, graffiti art and magical rooftops views!


marrakech morrocco

It’s almost a daily thing now that I get mistaken for someone with a Moroccan descent. So now that I know I’ll fit in great with the locals, I want to visit Marrakech and witness all the amazing architectures, patterned tiles and traditional Moroccan interior design in mosques and other monuments.


golden gate bridge san francisco

And the the last for this list today is San Francisco. And honestly, the biggest reason this city made the list is because I grew up watching Full House and aaalways wanted to go see the ‘Painted Ladies’ (the row houses). But while I’m there, I most definitely want to go see the monumental Golden Gate bridge, ride in one of the Cable trolleys and walk up and down the very steep Lombard Crooked Street as well.

Ofcourse my list of cities to go too doesn’t stop here, but for now I want to work on crossing these beautiful places off my list. And in exactly one week, I’ll be able to cross off the first one! Can you guess which city? Let me know in the comments. Also tell me which cities are on your wanderlust list!

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Disclaimer – photos from Honestly WTFAspyn Ovard, Pexels, In The Frow, Unsplash, Expedia, Pexels, TripAdvisor, Unsplash

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