Beach Hopping At Bandabou

curacao beach hopping

On my second trip to Bandabou, we decided to go beach hopping for the day. Bandabou counts various beaches and we wanted to visit a few of them along the way. Each beach is almost completely different from the other, but one thing they all (mostly) have in common is the beautiful clear blue waters and white squishy sand between your toes. Want to see more of my Curacao beach hopping day? Keep on reading!


The first stop was Playa Kalki. A small beach that is very popular among tourists for some good snorkeling and diving. This beach is also known as Alice in Wonderland, simply for its near-perfect diving site.

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After a short stop to Playa Grandi (a tiny fishermen’s beach) and Playa Forti, we drove to one of the most known beaches of the island: Grote Knip. Also known as Kenepa Beach. This is one of the few beaches that is freely accessible to anyone, which is also one of the reasons it’s so popular among the locals. On the platform right before going down the steps to shore, you have the most breathtaking view of the entire beach. And just a short drive away from Grote Knip, there is a “secret” path with another spectacular view of the ocean! I definitely recommend you add this beach to your Curacao itinerary!

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After Grote Knip, we headed to the Santa Martha Baai area. We first stopped at this cool photo spot that overlooked the bay, the fishermen boats and all the greenery. Then we kept on driving to the Sunset Waters Beach resort, which is sadly nothing but an abandoned territory. Such a shame too, because it used to be such a nice remote resort on the island a few years back.

curacao beach hopping curacao beach hopping curacao beach hopping curacao beach hopping


Our last stop of the tiring but fun day was at Cas Abou Beach. One of my personal favorite beaches. A white sandy beach with crystal clear waters. Ideal for families, groups of friends and anyone that’s into water sports. They usually have an in-water trampoline and  the opportunity to ride on the banana boats. You can also do some great diving and snorkeling at Cas Abou. We ended the day cooling off near the shore while eating a well-deserved meal of delicious french fries and chicken nuggets!

curacao beach hopping curacao beach hoppingcuracao beach hopping


When we were heading to Westpunt, I saw this very colorful wall and instantly fell in love. This rainbow wall is from a local supermarket called California supermarket. So when we were heading back home, we stopped here just to take some needed OOTD pictures. Luckily the supermarket was closed for the day, so there weren’t too many people around. I know I shouldn’t, but whenever I’m taking pictures in public places I get really shy and embarrassed haha.

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curacao beach hopping curacao beach hopping

Once again, I definitely recommend a day off Curacao beach hopping at Bandabou whenever you’re on the island. In case you’re curious, here’s my previous Bandabou blog post.

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Location: Playa Kalki, Grote Knip, on the way to Santa Martha bay and Cas Abou beach

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