Strolling Through Amsterdam Oost

Outfit Amsterdam Oost

Right before brunch at Eastside Amsterdam the other day, Carolyne and I had planned to shoot some outfit pictures. As we were arriving the Amsterdam Muiderpoort station, my eye caught a side street with the most beautiful orange trees ever. So we walked over to this street, only to find out that it was a busy shopping district. Definitely not the ideal spot for a photo session, so we kept walking till we found a backdrop we liked. Every time I come to Amsterdam, I just love it a little bit more when I leave. It’s such a stunning city. I could definitely see myself moving to this city in the future. It’s so perfect for bloggers as there are many unique and different spots to shoot outfits. A lot of them of which I still need to discover!

For my outfit of that day, I chose for something that was both fall-appropriate as well as a little feminine. The weather here has been pretty cold lately, so wearing sweaters has become an everyday thing. I also decided it was time to properly wear in my new leopard boots from Nelly. I really thought they would be a little uncomfortable in the beginning, as that’s not uncommon for new  boots. But nothing was further from the truth. On the contrary, they didn’t even feel like new shoes at all.

Outfit Amsterdam Oost Outfit Amsterdam Oost Outfit Amsterdam Oost Outfit Amsterdam OostOutfit Amsterdam Oost Outfit Amsterdam Oost

Coat – H&M / Sweater – Primark / Jeans – H&M / Boots – / Bag – Primark

What is your go-to sweater weather outfit this season? And do you have any tips on how to find the perfect backdrops to shoot outfits? Let me know in the comments!

♡ Tiffany

Disclaimer – all photos are made by CarolyneJune with the Canon 700D Kit Lens camera.
Location – Eerste van Swindestraat + Madurastraat, Amsterdam Oost

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  1. Sfeervolle foto’s! Vind je schoenen echt geweldig 😀 pretty!

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