My Travel Essentials For Long Flights


I feel like I just got back from my one-day trip to Paris and I’m already heading to my next destination. Because at this exact moment I’m at Schiphol airport getting ready to board my early morning flight. I’m sure some of you already know where I’m off too, but I will reveal my destination in tomorrow’s post for the ones that do not. Since it’s about to be a pretty long flight, I made sure to have my in-flight travel essentials to keep me busy and pleasant.


I always hope to be asleep for the most part of my flight, but that’s almost never the case. That’s why my very first essential is my iPhone. Granted there’s no wifi in the air, but it’s still useful for my random selfies, for listening to music, for checking the time and also for anything I want to add to my Snapchat story later hehe. My newest iPhone cover is from Hoesjes-Outlet and it’s honestly the cutest thing ever. I love that it’s a bit bigger but yet still not too heavy where it becomes a burden. It’s a perfume bottle covered in rhinestones, super girly and looks cute in mirror selfies. What’s not to love? Hoesjes-Outlet also has a lot of other iPhone 6S covers (and other smartphones) on their website. They’re all super affordable, so definitely check them out!

My second essential is definitely my iPad. I made sure to download a few Netflix movies to keep myself amused the entire time. And to make sure my battery doesn’t die along the way, I packed a power bank and my new golden USB cable from Hoesjes-Outlet. It charges my appliances super quick. And since it’s so long, it gives me plenty of room to move around while seated!


Whenever I want to take a break from anything that’s on a screen, I switch to my trusty fashion magazines. Yesterday I picked up two of my favorites: Glamour and Fashionista! I just love going back and forth to read up on the newest trends, inspiring interviews and anything in-between. And in case I do get to catch up on some sleep, I’ve got my eye mask and neck pillow with me to make things a little bit more comfortable. And it helps me wake up less zombie-like!

Now that I have all of my essentials with me, I’m hoping for a smooth flight! What are some of your in-flight travel essentials? Let me know in the comments!

♡ Tiffany

Disclaimer – all photos are made by me with an iPhone 6S.
*The iPhone cover and USB cable featured in this post were provided by Hoesjes-Outlet

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  1. Fantastic pictures! Travel has always been an interest of mine. It’s great to find articles on how to prepare for long flights and layovers. Enjoyed the post!

  2. That case is super cute. I was looking on their site and saw this gorgeous Tinkerbell case on their website too. In other news, I hope you had a good flight!

  3. I can never sleep on planes so always needs film or magazines to keep me entertained!

  4. Jes says: Reply

    Love the bling! And I have to admit, I can’t leave on a long trip without my iPad either. For me it’s the books!!! And Kindle, just doesn’t do it for me 🙂

  5. I am going on a long flight early next year and am always looking to better my packing list! Great tips!

    xx Victoria

  6. Great list of essentials for the flight!!! Hope you have a safe and fun trip! Can’t wait to read about it!

  7. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing. I need that iPhone case!! So cute!

  8. my in flight essentials: nothing except be set for a good time on board! Basically, a great set entertainment (the airlines I have been on have great entertainment on the screens on the back of the seat!)
    but next long haul flight (Europe, here I come! From Australia) I plan to take things to the next level & bring a foot rest & gourmet food to name a couple (stay tuned for an article TBA; ‘How to slaughter economy to be as glamorous as first class!’ on my blog.

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