Getting My Eyebrows Done At Brow Studio Hoorn

In today’s society where having the perfect eyebrows seem to be everything, I’m thankful mine have always been pretty low-maintenance. Meaning that I don’t have to spend too much time getting my brows to look presentable. But getting more into the whole Instagram makeup look, I have been wishing my brows were just a little bit more defined. That’s why I was so happy when BROW STUDIO Hoorn invited me for a full eyebrow treatment. It was my very first time ever doing something professional to my eyebrows, so let’s just say I was pretty nervous. Excited.. but nervous.

brow studio hoorn


Brow Studio Hoorn opened its door in December of 2015 and just recently celebrated their one-year anniversary. Co-owners Phila Gast and Shanice Haars both have an extremely big passion for creating the perfect eyebrows and it’s a direct result of the success of their business. With a team total of seven brow wizards, Brow Studio Hoorn books about 300-400 appointments a week! So I had no doubt my eyebrows were in good hands!

brow studio hoorn brow studio hoorn brow studio hoorn


The eyebrow appointment started with a quick intake session to talk about my preferences, medical history etc. Since it was my first time ever doing anything with my brows, I wanted to be very clear about what I wanted the outcome to be. I was a little nervous, but the confidence of Phila really made me feel comfortable. And we were totally on the same page about my brows! The same shape, just more definition!

After the intake, she immediately got on to cutting the excess hair, waxing and shaping the brows. Luckily the pain of first-time waxing really wasn’t too bad. The next step was dyeing the brows. This step involved overly drawing the eyebrows with a specific dye and it looked absolutely hysterical and comical at best. After leaving on the dye for about 20 minutes, it was time to pluck the last little pieces of hair, some aftercare and… voilà!

brow studio hoorn brow studio hoorn brow studio hoorn


brow studio hoorn
The results right after the appointment
brow studio hoorn
The result the next day!

During the entire appointment, I was extremely confident about the results. But nevertheless I was still a bit jittery right before taking a look in the mirror. But one glance and I immediately loved the way my brows looked. To the naked eye it might not look too different, but I can definitely tell my brows are a bit more defined and cleaned up. Right before I left, Phila explained to me again about the possible side affects (redness and irritation) and how crucial the after care is. Surprisingly I didn’t experience too much of the side affects, besides a little itchiness here and there.

You can easily book your brow appointment for €38,50 on the website of Brow Studio Hoorn. Depending on where you live, Hoorn can be a pretty long travel. But I can vouch that it’s definitely worth it! I definitely recommend anyone to book their appointment. Some of the results I’ve seen on their Facebook page and Instagram are mind-blowing! So I am pretty sure they will be able to help you out as well.

What do you think of the result? And what does your eyebrow routine look like? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks again to Phila and Shanice!

♡ Tiffany

Disclaimer – all photos are my own (made with iPhone 6).
*This post is written in collab with Brow Studio Hoorn

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