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  • Fashion Favorites For Fall 2016

    fall fashion 2016 wishlist

    I personally can’t wait to say goodbye to summer as the colder weather starts kicking in. I’m so ready to toss away my short-sleeved wardrobe and replace them with something warmer and cozier for the next couple of months. Maybe it’s because so many online shops have started to launch their A/W collection and I’m in […]

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  • Sarah Ashcroft x Missguided Favorites

    sarah ashcroft missguided

    Clearly Missguided is killing it with these blogger collaborations, because here I am with another favorites post. This time it’s all about the Sarah Ashcroft Missguided collection that just launched today! Sarah Ashcroft is seriously one of my favorite blogs to visit. Her outfits are always so on point! And just one glance at her […]

  • Beauty
  • Learning Basic Makeup In Superlooks Workshop

    superlooks workshop rotterdam

    Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my girls in Rotterdam at Superlooks Cosmetics for a basic makeup workshop. I’m always watching tutorials on Youtube, but my makeup skills are nowhere near where I want them to be. So when I saw that Actievandedag.nl had a special deal on the Superlooks workshop, I knew my friends and I […]

  • Travel
  • Venice Tips You Need To Know!

    venice tips

    Before my Venice trip, I’ve never been to Italy before. And even though I can’t speak for all Italian cities, I feel like my four days in Venice may have been sufficient enough for me to share these tips that seem valuable to me with all of you! Whether you’ve been before or are planning on going soon, […]

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  • A Gondola Ride in Venice

    gondola ride venice

    Since it was a four-day trip but our Vaporetto card was only valid for 72 hours, we decided to really make the most of our last full day in Venice making unlimited use of the waterbuses. The day started with a lovely 30-minute gondola ride through the historic Grand Canal near Santa Maria del Giglio. There […]

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  • Exploring Murano & Burano

    venice travel diary

    As I mentioned in my previous travel diary the second day in Venice started off pretty early, because me and my friend booked a guided boat tour to the beautiful islands Murano & Burano. We took the vaporetto at our stop San Tomá and about an half hour later, we arrived at our meeting spot […]

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  • Ciao Bella Venezia

    venice travel diary

    It’s crazy to think that 24 hours ago I was in Venice and now I’m back home already. I’m still super exhausted from the trip back, but I’m so excited to share my Venice travel diary with all of you! So get ready for a big spam of Venice pictures in the span of these […]

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  • My Wanderlust List

    passport flatlay

    In case you didn’t know this yet about me, I’ve been having a serious case of wanderlust lately. Luckily I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled as much as I did already being this young. While a great deal of people have never been overseas or even stepped on a plane, I’ve been to places […]