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  • Beach Hopping At Bandabou

    curacao beach hopping

    On my second trip to Bandabou, we decided to go beach hopping for the day. Bandabou counts various beaches and we wanted to visit a few of them along the way. Each beach is almost completely different from the other, but one thing they all (mostly) have in common is the beautiful clear blue waters […]

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  • A Roadtrip To Bandabou

    bandabou curacao

    ***HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE*** Last Wednesday, my mom, brothers and I thought it would be a fun idea to take the car and drive off to Bandabou for the day. Bandabou is located on the west side of the island and it’s where you can find most of the beaches. All though Curacao is small, Bandabou […]

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  • Coconuts and a Sprinkled Donut

    curacao pool day

    While temperatures in the Netherlands are still dropping, here in Curacao it’s a solid 30 degrees every single day. Enough reason to cool down by the pool! So yesterday I asked my aunt if I could use her pool for a little while. There’s just nothing better than stepping your toes into the cold water […]

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  • Faux Fur Outfit in Paris

    Faux Fur Outfit Paris

    I decided to dedicate an entire post to the outfit I wore in Paris since I loved it so much. I had been eyeing this faux fur coat ever since I saw it on Misspap the other week. Luckily I got it in time to bring along with me during the trip. If you want […]

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  • Strolling Through Amsterdam Oost

    Outfit Amsterdam Oost

    Right before brunch at Eastside Amsterdam the other day, Carolyne and I had planned to shoot some outfit pictures. As we were arriving the Amsterdam Muiderpoort station, my eye caught a side street with the most beautiful orange trees ever. So we walked over to this street, only to find out that it was a […]

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  • Red Bloggin’ Sweatshirt

    Bershka Bloggin Sweatshirt

    When I started blogging over six years ago on my previous blog, I had no idea it would still be such a big part of my daily life now. I honestly had no expectations and never knew where it could or I wanted it to lead me. It was more of a creative outlet for me to […]

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  • A Gondola Ride in Venice

    gondola ride venice

    Since it was a four-day trip but our Vaporetto card was only valid for 72 hours, we decided to really make the most of our last full day in Venice making unlimited use of the waterbuses. The day started with a lovely 30-minute gondola ride through the historic Grand Canal near Santa Maria del Giglio. There […]

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  • Exploring Murano & Burano

    venice travel diary

    As I mentioned in my previous travel diary the second day in Venice started off pretty early, because me and my friend booked a guided boat tour to the beautiful islands Murano & Burano. We took the vaporetto at our stop San Tomá and about an half hour later, we arrived at our meeting spot […]

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  • Ciao Bella Venezia

    venice travel diary

    It’s crazy to think that 24 hours ago I was in Venice and now I’m back home already. I’m still super exhausted from the trip back, but I’m so excited to share my Venice travel diary with all of you! So get ready for a big spam of Venice pictures in the span of these […]

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  • I Want The Fairytale


    A couple of months ago, I got to pick out a sweater from the online shop OKE By Me and I ended up choosing this whimsical “I Want The Fairytale” sweater. I remember taking these pictures with my cousin Carolyne in the center of the Hague on a day that was extremely windy. I also remember […]