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  • A Casual Valentine’s Day Outfit

    casual valentine's day outfit idea

    Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and if you have plans, you either already know what you’re wearing or have absolutely no clue. But in case you’re planning on doing something super casual, I might be able to help you out a little bit. Yesterday I shot this outfit and thought it would be the perfect casual Valentine’s […]

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  • Red Bloggin’ Sweatshirt

    Bershka Bloggin Sweatshirt

    When I started blogging over six years ago on my previous blog, I had no idea it would still be such a big part of my daily life now. I honestly had no expectations and never knew where it could or I wanted it to lead me. It was more of a creative outlet for me to […]

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  • I Want The Fairytale


    A couple of months ago, I got to pick out a sweater from the online shop OKE By Me and I ended up choosing this whimsical “I Want The Fairytale” sweater. I remember taking these pictures with my cousin Carolyne in the center of the Hague on a day that was extremely windy. I also remember […]